Maggie Daniels is a poet, writer, and director passionate about storytelling through her raw perspective.  Writing poetry in-between screenplays, she wrote and self-published her first poetry collection SWIMMING in 2020.  A small town girl, Maggie was born and raised in the bible belt. The notorious culture of southern grit and charm shines through her words giving readers a sense of home and familiar comforts.  April of 2021 she collaborated with Plan Nine Studios, and BabeClub’s Jenna Desmond & Corey Campbell to record an audiobook version of SWIMMING. Maggie narrates her collection in a sensual honest tone, while the music compliments her every word. This audiobook gives an intimate look into her inner dialogue, and demons.
     She wrote SWIMMING in hopes of bringing a relatable experience to someone who feels alone or can’t articulate their feelings.  Whether the reader lost a parent, trying to save a friend from their inner demons, translating the voices in their own head, or just dealing with the strains of a relationship. Almost everyone can find a few poems that relate to themselves.
  Maggie’s work reflects the mountains of emotion one can experience with life, love, & loss in a way that is deeply honest and healing for those reading. She is currently working on two new poetry collections continuing her thoughts from SWIMMING, release dates to be determined.
Maggie’s mother used to tell her she was a magenta girl living in a khaki world, that analogy shows through in her work as a unique take on the human experience.
Born a poet Maggie is naturally a visually driven artist this translates beautifully when she is on a film set. Her goals include bringing life to her captivating screenplays and writing + publishing poetry along the way.  Maggie is set to Direct her first independent feature film Tanglewood once she has secured enough of the films budget to green light the project. You and your friends buying one of her poetry books helps speed up that process, so be a doll and support an independent artist.