Maggie Daniels

Poet / Writer / Director


Somebody told me
find what you’d die for,
& then drown in it.
I put pen to paper,
& just started swimming.


This powerful book of poetry really focuses on healing, and goes back to the belief that you can use the hurt to help discover yourself in a way that is going to serve you in the future. Maggie Daniels' words are understanding, encouraging, and comforting all at once.


Every page is a different experience. You can tell the author put her soul into every page. A book with high replay value. If you're someone who hasn't read in a while and need something to get you back into that feeling of wanting to read this is the one.

Anonymous - Barnes & Noble

I had the honor of reading this book this week. I recommend it to anyone. It touches on grief, love, loss, overcoming and empowerment, all with athletic and cutting language. Excellent work!

Omar Esparza - @_oresme_